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Other Important Conditions And Terms Of Booking and Cancellation To Know

SuomenSatu adheres to the following conditions concerning the ordering, booking and cancellation of reservations ordered. These conditions are binding for both parties (SuomenSatu and the Guest = booker) once the customer had made an accommodation booking via SuomeSatu.com. The individual making the booking must be an adult.
When a Guest makes a booking at the suomensatu.fi, the customer accepts these booking and cancellation conditions and is responsible for ensuring the house instructions related to the making of the booking have been read. With online bookings, a confirmation of the booking, house rules and instructions on how to get to the destination and how to acquire the keys are sent direct to the email address provided by the customer. Once the keys are picked up, the Guest is responsible on what happens, in the house in keeping the house safe. If the Guest find any damages he is expected to make immediate photos of the damages and send them to SuomenSatu e-mail or phone. SuomenSatu cottage is left in such condition in which Guest would like to see it next time.
In case of emergency the guest must contact the accommodation maintaining service either by e-mail or by telephone. The contact details for the accommodation maintaining service can be found in the confirmation of the booking sent to the customer’s e-mail address upon making the booking.
Booking process
All Bookings are paid by bank transfer according to the following means of payment:
• Prepayment of the 30% deposit within first three working days and agree to pay the final invoice by the due date (the final invoice is sent by e-mail).
• Prepayment of the invoice total if the reservation is done in a short period prior to arrival, depending on the season restrictions described in the above spreadsheet .
• Prepayment of the refundable security and damage deposit one week prior to arrival. The refundable security deposit will be refunded back to the Guest within a week after the stay, when the house is cleaned and the keys are returned back.
All prepayments can be done within one transaction.
• Guest will inform SuomenSatu when prepayments are done.
• SuomenSatu do not have reception and would kindly ask to send the photo copy of the Guest passport or driving license by e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp or by any other convenient means and the list of the guests with their dates of birth. After that SuomenSatu could prepare the house and make the booking confirmation relative to the requested reservation.

Cancellations MUST ALWAYS be made in writing to SuomenSatu.
The booking is not automatically cancelled if the invoice is not paid by the due time. The customer MUST always cancel the booking in writing. The cancellation will be regarded as being received at the time the information of the cancellation in question has reached the SuomenSatu. If the Guest can verifiably show that the written cancellation has been made and sent to the correct address within the correct timeframe, the cancellation will be accepted.
If the Guest cancels any cancellation made will cause the loss of the advance payment and the other possible cost according to the above cancellation terms spreadsheet, according to the seasons terms.
In case of a sudden illness / injury / death of a close relative or your travel party that might lead to a cancellation, the Guest need to make sure that your travel insurance will cover the costs of the booking. Even in such cases our booking conditions are as mentioned above. We recommend our guests to have a travel insurance in case of an emergency or unexpected incidents.

In cases of force majeure, or other cases outside the control of the SuomenSatu (e.g. fire or water damage), the SuomenSatu Oy may cancel the booking. In this case the customer is entitled to receive a full reimbursement of all payments made.
The SuomenSatu Oy has the right to cancel the booking if the payments concerning the booking are not paid by the due date.

To enter the house each Guest has unique code from the key box code, which is provided by SuomenSatu before the before the commencement of the stay.
To open the key box, Guest open the lid, scroll the digits to the right position and push the side buttons simultaneously.
When the holiday ends the Gest put the keys back to the key box, the same where Gest have picked it up.
If the key is lost, it is possible to contact the maintenance company. The maintainer of the property is entitled to charge a fee for the delivery of keys in accordance with their own price list that has not been earlier agreed.

The accommodation destination is at the disposal of the customer from 16:00 on the day of arrival. On the departure day, checkout is at 12:00, unless otherwise stated in the destination description. The accommodation destination rates include bed linen and bedclothes (pillows and blankets), towels, water and electricity, kitchen and toilet paper, cleaning equipment and detergents. The regular inside temperature for the accommodation is 20–22°C.
Following check-out, Even if the final cleaning is included in the price, the accommodation must be in a condition seen after regular usage, i.e. the furniture and fittings are intact and in their correct places, rubbish and ashes are taken out and dirty dishes in the dishwasher. SuomenSatu is not responsible for any items left by the customer at the accommodation.
Smoking is strictly forbidden in the accommodation! If smoking has taken place in the accommodation, we charge cleaning costs (min. EUR 300). SuomenSatu accepts no responsibility for any allergic symptoms or other problems incurred by its customers from unauthorized smoking or animals.

The customer is obliged to compensate for any accidental or purposeful damages caused to the cottage or its furnishings and fittings during the rental period. Any damages caused must be immediately informed to the maintainer of the property or to SuomenSatu.

If the customer fails to stop causing disturbance or danger to others in the same or neighbouring property, despite notice from the provider of the accommodation or its representative, the owner of the accommodation or its representative has the right to terminate the rental agreement with immediate effect. All costs incurred from the abovementioned measures will be charged from the customer.

The maximum number of persons specified for the accommodation in the destination description must not be exceeded.

Pets may only be brought to cottages after taking special confirmations and paying the special stay fee. SuomenSatu accept dogs, and charge 20 euros per day per dog or 120 euros per stay per dog. Any bringing of pets to the accommodation must be mentioned when making the booking. Pets are not allowed on the furniture, in the hot tub. The Guest is responsible for picking up all pet droppings left in the grounds and compensating for any damages incurred by pets on the property or its fittings and furnishings direct. Any damages caused must be immediately informed to the maintainer of the SuomenSatu.

All remarks and complaints to be made on the facilities and condition of the accommodation must be made as soon as such become apparent and addressed (and supported by photos) directly to the maintainer of the accommodation and to SuomenSatu. If the customer does not contact the maintainer of the property and SuomenSatu to inform of any possible deficiencies, the right of the customer to receive possible compensation is waived. If the matter in question does not receive satisfactory rectification during the customer’s stay, written information pertaining to such must be sent to SuomenSatu before the end of the rental period. If the customer and SuomenSatu fail to reach an understanding for the rectification of the matter, the customer may file a complaint with the The Consumer Disputes Board for resolution.
SuomenSatu is not liable to pay compensation for any problems caused by natural conditions, insects, voles, unexpected change in the weather, construction work on a neighbouring properties, alterations in facilities or other alterations that have not been informed to SuomenSatu, or for problems caused by any third party (e.g. interruptions in the supply of water, electricity or television services) that potentially incur damages or costs for the customer.
Any possible interruptions or problems occurring with these internet connections must be immediately informed to the maintainer of the property and to SuomenSatu in order to enable speedy rectification. SuomenSatu will not issue reductions in the accommodation rate due to problems related to the functioning of the internet connection.
SuomenSatu reserves the right to correct errors in price information.
Incorrect price data is not bound by the SuomenSatu, if the price is so obviously incorrect that the customer should have understood it. Such a situation could be, for example, if the difference between the given price and the actual correct price is very high or if the wrong price can be considered to be abnormally low compared to the overall price level.
The parties shall endeavor to settle any disputes on the contract through negotiation. Suomensatu is not responsible for any unreasonable expectations of Guests.
If no agreement is reached, disputes will be settled in The Consumer Disputes Board or in The District Court of Finland. The contract is governed by the Finnish law

Wish you nice holiday, sunny days and good mood.