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Location & Maps

Detailed itinerary to Koli cottages: "PielisLinna", "KolinPilvi", "OtsoPirtti:Maria и Otso"

The glorious scenery of the Koli National Park is easy to reach by road, rail and air.
Koli offers to the guests it's unique nature and various tourist services. It is located in the Eastern part of Finland, North Karelia province (fin. Pohjois-Karjala). Being part of the Lieksa muncipality, it is only 70 km far from the administrative centre of the Northern Karelia, city of Joensuu.

– Joensuu-Koli: 70 km
– Helsinki-Koli: 488 km
– Kuopio-Koli: 151 km
– Oulu-Koli: 343 km
– Tampere-Koli: 444 km

Koli cottages GPS coordinates for navigation:
    OtsoPirtti     +63° 9' 14.79", +29° 50' 8.15"
    PielisLinna    +63° 9'20.73", +29°50'25.21"
    KolinPilvi      +63° 9'19.80", +29°50'26.45"
    KolinPilvi      +63° 9'19.80", +29°50'26.45"

Web Cameras in Koli:

On the Way to Koli
On the Way to Joensuu
On the Way to Kajaani

You can reach Koli:

By Car

 Driving from Helsinki takes about 6 hours, from Joensuu about an hour. There two main roads via via Mikkeli and Outokumpu and Polvijarvi to the road №504 or via Lappenranta and Joenssu by the road №6 which turns to the local road Koli-Ahmovaara №504, which crosses №6 road and goes straight to Koli and its main road Merilarannantie. After 9 km from the crossroad with №6 and Neste gasoline station (as it is shown at the camera link below), you will enter the centre of Koli .

Sale, local supermarket 01. 
On the left hand you will see the local store "Sale". Before 6 pm you can by there many necessary and useful things.
On the right hand across the road there will be local travel company office "Karelia Expert".

Here you can stop for shopping, for taking the keys from the key box and turn to the right to Ukko-Koli slopes and Sokos Hotel, which is located at the top of the Ukko hill.
But we go straight.
Karelia Expert Office
Ukko Koli Rinteet/ Lifts Sign 02.  Next crossroad will show you on the right the way to Ukko Koli lifts (UkkoKolin Rinteet).
We go straight.
  Ukko Koli Rinteet/ Slopes turn
03.  After some more 6 km there will be big turn to the right, to Loma Koli Camping, to the Pielinen lake side and longest winter ice road to Lieksa, Merilanranta, etc. — to Heikkaniementie street.
If you are the OtsoPirtti guest, please turn to the right now.
Turn to OtsoPirtti and the Ice road by Heikkaniementie 04. 
You will see on the left hand the KoliKeskus booth, and after 200 meters down the hill, please, turn to the left to Alakuja private street.
  Alakuja and OtsoPirtti Sign
05.  After about 150-200 meters you will see the Otsopirtti house, "Otso" side.

Entrance is from the left side opposite to the lakes.

You are very welcome!
If you are the Pielislinna or KolinPilvi guets, please drive further and after about 500 meters there is your next turn!
You will see the signes as follows: "Kol Country Club" and  Satamatie street.
  Linna and Pilvi turn to the lake side, Satamatie street
At road fork you should keep right by the Satamatie until it will rest on the lake Pielinen and turn to the left. Koritie street turns to the right.
On the right hand you will see the Pielislinna and next ot it KoliPilvi on the lake shore.
08.  Entrance is from the Koiritie. Please, turn to the right.
By the left hand, there will be the entrance to the Parking lot of PielisLinna, and next -- to KolinPilvi.
Enjoy you stay in the
"Castle at the Pie Lake" and in the "Koli Cloud"!
Linna and Pilvi Sign
By Train

The fastest express trains from Helsinki reach Joensuu in about 4 hours. Onwards from Joensuu to Koli the easiest alternative is by minibus, several daily, requires advance booking, rent-a-car or taxi.
Bus price: Koli-Joensuu aik. 19 €, 12-16 vuotias 13 €,eläkel.(kortti) 13 €, opisk.(kortti)
9 €, 4-11-vuotias 9 €, perhelippu 45 €
Koli- Lentoasema: aik. 22 €, 12-16-vuotias 15 €, eläkel.(kortti) 15 €, opisk.(kortti)
11 €, 4-11 -vuotias 11 €, perhelippu 50 €
All the necessary information on the railways of Finland, you can find by the following phone numbers:  0600 41 900 or +358 9 231 99 902 (for calls from abroad), and also at the web site www.vr.fi

By Air

The nearest airport is in Joensuu, several flights from Helsinki are coming daily. Onwards from Joensuu the easiest alternative is by minibus, requires advance booking. Price Joensuu Airport – Koli single: 19€.
You can rent a car at Joensuu Airport. It takes one hour to drive from Joensuu to Koli.

Shuttle Joensuu-Koli requires advance booking by tel 0100 9986 (0,56 e/min+ppm)
Koli-Joensuu 14e/pers, children under 12 yrs 7e/pers.
Koli-Joensuu airport 16e/pers, children under 12 yrs 8e/pers
Children under 4 yrs free with an adult

All the necessary information on the railways of Finland, you can find by the following phone number: +358 600 140 140 or at the web site www.finnair.fi

By Bus / Taxi

You can use the timetable search on Matkahuolto website to find the timetable information for bus departures to Koli. Fill in the place of departure (e.g. Joensuu) and the destination (Koli kylä) and you will get the daily bus connections from Joensuu-Koli. Timetable information can be obtained by calling the Nationwide Timetable Inquiries Service at 0200 4000 (€ 1.64/call + local network charge) between 7:00–21:00 Monday–Saturday and between 8:00–21:00 on Sundays and holidays. www.matkahuolto.fi

During the ski season Lumiset bus from Joensuu leaves Joensuu for Koli every Saturday.
Ticket price: Koli-Joensuu aik. 19 €, 12-16 vuotias 13 €,eläkel.(kortti) 13 €, opisk.(kortti)
9 €, 4-11-vuotias 9 €, perhelippu 45 €
Koli-Airport: aik. 22 €, 12-16-vuotias 15 €, eläkel.(kortti) 15 €, opisk.(kortti)
11 €, 4-11 -vuotias 11 €, perhelippu 50 €

The taxi mini bus and it's schedule you can check by the phone number +358 100 9986 (0,56€/min.+ local call price)

Koli cottages maps. Please, create your itinerary:

Pielislinna KolinPilvi OtsoPirtti: Maria и Otso