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Summer KOLI
Cottages PIELISLINNA, KOLINPILVI and OTSOPIRTTI are located in the heart of the Finnish Nature Park KOLI, on the Lakes Pielinen and Koirilampi own shore. They suggest a vast choice of activities and unforgettable memories of the time you have spent there in the unique environment, surrounded by the mystical nature of Koli. In the immediate vicinity of the cottages there are Koli National Park, two ski centers Ukko-Koli and Loma-Koli. Numerous leisure activities will allow you to fully relax from the everyday hustle and bustle!
Lake Pielinen, the fourth largest in Finland, its numerous islands, the mighty forest ridges and rugged Koli hills Koli are the most famous Finnish landscape. You can contemplate from the height of the hills or rocking on the waves of the Lakes the Koli sceneries, which became a national symbol of Finland.


Valaam Male Monastery

Valaam Spaso-Preobrazhensky male Monastery -- the current center of Orthodox spiritual and cultural life.

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Massage at the Koli cottages

You have an exellent posiibility to order massage straight to one of the SuomenSatu cottages in Koli or visit the masseur Tuju Tanskanen in the Koli Village. Novelty: foot care.

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Observation Tower Rasavaaran

The most famous photo coverage of Finland have been done just here, at the Koli National Park. You could try it as well!

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Botanical Garden "Botania"

University Botanical Garden "Botania" all year round gives an unforgettable experience.

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Taxi in Koli

  • Taxi services
  • Shuttle taxi
  • Wheelchair transportation
  • Airport transportation
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Koli SPA

Get relaxed at the unique Koli Relax Spa on your own or with your spouse, friends or co-workers. Enjoy being together in a quiet setting.

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Karelia Museum (Carelicum)

Karelia Museum in the center of Carelicum in Joensuu

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Summer and winter fishing for bait in Finland is not licensed and permitted everywhere except of water rapids, which pegged the population of salmon and whitefish, as well as in areas where fishing

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Kolin SumenSatun Sunset

Ukko-Koli national park

Ukko Koli national Park
The National Park attracts over 100 000 visitors each year.

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Kitee Zoo

In the coastal area of the lake Pyuhyayarvi, within 2 hours driving from our cottages (140 km, there is located a small town of Kitee and it's popular Zoo which has been open for nine years.

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Lake Pielinen

Pielinen ─ is the 4th largest lake in Finland. It is located in the north of the city of Joensuu and spreads its waters between Juuka, Lieksa and Nurmes.

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Stone Village Tulikivi

Museum and Souvenier Shop where you can find an impressive goods made from the local stone of Tulikivi

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Ferry trip

Jump aboard SuviExpress and embark on a landscape cruise in Pielinen from the port of Koli!

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Cave «Devil's Church»

Amongst the geological entities that clearly stand out in the landscape are the Koli the individual landmark is the Pirunkirkko ("Devil's Church") boulder cave.

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Panorama Restaurant "Grill It"

Panorama Restaurant "Grill It" at Sokos Hotel Koli

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Reindeer Farm

Here is the reindeer farm! In case you want to spend time feeding and communicaing to reindeer at this quiet Laukkala farm.
Visit reindeer and husky.

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Cycle the entire circumference of Lake Pielinen, the northernmost body of the Vuoksi water system in North Karelia.

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Within 1 hour driving around Koli

Koli has a rich cultural history. In pre-Christian times people rowed here to make sacrifices to the local gods in hope of good hunting. A sacrificial fissure can still be seen near the modern Koli Hotel – perhaps worth a coin or two, just in case?
Starting in 1999 the Koli Cultural Project has produced quality art events including installations, plays, and art exhibitions.

Additional information, please, find here: www.koli.fi


Summer LEVI
Cottages Levinsatu: SeLevi and TaLevi, -- are located in the heart of Levi. Levi is the largest, most popular, and fastest growing wintersport resort in Finland.
It is situated in Lapland, just below the 68th parallel, which is well above the polar circle.
Some numbers: Vertical drop 325 m, Pistes 44, Longest slope 2500 m, 48 slopes, of which 15 with artificial light, 10 childrens slopes, 1 superpipe, 1 halfpipe, 26 skilifts with a joint capacity of 25.500 persons per hour, a total of 102 acres of alpine skiing area, 230 km cross country ski tracks, of which 28 km with artificial light, 750 km snowmobile tracks, 1 ski school, 6 hotels, over 1000 chalets, 19.000 beds, 29 restaurants, of which 7 on the slopes, 3 discos, 6 cafés, 6 ski rental companies, a multitude of specialised stores, 3 supermarkets, a spa, beauty centre, fitness centre, etc, etc.
Here are some or our personal favourites; do check them out!

There are downhill ski slopes close to the cottages 0,6 km away. Also there are numerous opportunities for leisure in the area like:  Husky dogs farms and safaris, Reindeer sledge safaris, Levi’s breathtaking stunning hiking paths, diverse cycling routes, horse back riding with Icelandic horses, cross country skiing, snowmobiles safaris, winter fishing, snow-shoeing - the options are strikingly plentiful.

King Crab Safari

Thus far the largest ever caught King Crab in this area was 14kg and nearly 2 meters by diagonal measure. More >

Amethyst Mine

Unique Visiting Destination in Lapland
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Catering in LevinSatu

CATERING in Levinsatu cottages: SeLevi and TaLevi
We proudly present the catering company for the LevinSatu cottages
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Village Bikes

Village bikes available free of charge 24 hours!
Borrowing one of the bikes couldn't be easier -- simply bring your personal ID containing your photo/

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Santa Village and Arctic Circle

You can meet Santa Claus and cross the magical Arctic Circle every day at the Santa Claus Village in Lapland in Finland. More >

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis - are an unpredictable, natural event, which occurs all year round. More >
Levi bike park, LevinSatu cottages

Levi Bike Park -- Biker’s paradise

In addition to extensive road and mountain bike routes, Levi has the world’s northernmost Kona Bike Park, featuring 2 freeride trail and challenging downhill trail. More >

Riding programmes

• Levi Tourist Office +358 16 639 3300 www.levi.fi
• Hethen Ratsutalli +358 400 924 366 www.hethenratsutalli.fi
- riding tours and guided riding lessons with Finnhorses

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Play golf

Play golf amidst gorgeous fells

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Rally and Karting

Try out rally sports in Levi - Arctic winter rally and enjoyable summer rally programmes are lots of fun for groups that enjoy speed! Get to know Levi Rally Center for more information.
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Aviation programmes

• Levi Tourist Office +358 16 639 3300 www.levi.fi
• Aerohot Balloons +358 40 583 4652 www.aerohot.fi/lappi_eng.php
• Heliflite +358 16 532 100 www.heliflite.fi
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Come and experience the age-old way of life of the Arctic folk, and learn about the life of Arctic sled dogs!
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Adventure Park

Adventure Park is located in Levi Activity Park, next to Gondoli2000 cabin lift. Here kids have a real forest adventure in a safe environment.
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Another Attractions:

• Levi Tourist Office +358 16 639 3300 www.levi.fi
• Aurora Safaris +358 40 524 6195 www.levi.fi/aurorasafaris
- Santa Claus
• Fun Action Levi +358 400 503 278 www.inkkari.fi
- archery, axe throwing, lasso, shooting
• Happy Safaris +358 40 769 2007 www.happysafaris.fi
- we offer all-inclusive safaris including various programme services and also tailor-made programmes.
• IceWay Oy +358 50 314 2002 www.iceway.fi
-tour skating and equipment rental
• JK-tuotanto, Jukka Sirkkala +358 400 228 590
- Lappish ceremony, Santa Claus, international and domestic groups
• Katkan Aija +358 40 765 5265 www.katkanaija.fi
- -e.g Lappish ceremony, Santa Claus, Alpine curling, Nordic walking, guiding and programme services, tailor-made programmes
• Katkatunturin Era ja Luonto +358 400 225 242 www.levi.fi/lumihukka
- competition in wilderness skills
• Lainio Snow Village +358 16 658 626 www.snowvillage.fi
• Lapin Hiihto- ja Ohjelmapalvelut +358 16 644240 www.peak.fi
- catering and other free time programme services
• Lapland Safaris +358 16 654 222 www.lapinsafarit.fi
- Santa Claus programme
• Levin Liikuntapalvelut +358 639 1100 www.k5levi.fi
• Levin Safarit +358 16 366 8970 www.levinsafarit.fi
- You may book all programme services through us
• Le’Vinski +358 400 855 898 www.levi.fi/levinski
- wilderness chef courses, various food programmes and other programme services
• Loma-Paksu +358 45 120 3733 www.lomapaksu.com
-experience and adventure programmes
• Lt Linnala Oy www.santasvillage.fi
• Luvattumaa +358 400 294 405 www.luvattumaa.fi
- various programme packages for companies and groups. Troubadour Pekka for various occasions to order.
• Saamen Siida, Niiles-Jouni Aikio +358 40 541 3637
- chant and Lappish ceremony programmes
• Sininen Savu +358 400 419 847 www.levi.fi/sininensavu
-raft, fishing, accommodation and charter bus
• Taikatuli Tiina Lehtonen +358 45 133 6818
• Sininen Savu +358 400 419 847 www.levi.fi/sininensavu
-raft, fishing, accommodation and charter bus
• Taikatuli Tiina Lehtonen +358 45 133 6818
- guiding and food services