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Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding


Koli has got the best slopes in the the whole middle Finland! You’ll find snow fun at Koli whatever your ability level. There are demanding alpine slopes at both Ukko-Koli and the Mountain Dew Snowpark at Loma-Koli. With a total of 12 slopes and combined tickets covering the whole area there’s something for everyone, from pro skiers and snowboarders to beginners, young and old.
In 2013 Koli has been admitted as the best Alpine Ski Centre.

  • Additional information may be found on the web site www.koli.fi
  • Ukko-Koli ski centre: +35813672275
  • Loma-Koli Ski Centre and Snow Park +35813763141.

Loma Koli Slopes are rapidly developing and located in 3 minute driving from the houses. The Snowpark offers all kinds of fun besides. There is a ski school and junior ski school for beginners. Also there are tramplins, rails and other equipment for experienced snowboarders and skiers.
In 2014 new lift, the "magic carpert", had been opened for the youngest.

Ukko Koli slopes are located in the Nature Park of Koli. TKoli has the longest (length: 1500 m) and highest slopes in the whole of southern Finland (vertical fall 230 m) and the views are magnificent. It takes 7-8 minute to drive there from the PielisLinna, KolinPilvi and OtsoPirtti cottages.

Alpine Ski Slopes
Quantity 13
Length 1500 m
Vertical fall 230 m
Illuminated 8
Artificial 13
Slopes for Children 3
Snow Park yes
Lifts 7
Ski school yes
Renting 2
Restaurants at the slopes 5
Ukko-Koli ski slopes map
Loma-Koli ski slopes map
Additional information on the ski season:
Ukko-Koli Slopes: Rantatie 27, 83960 Koli, tel. +358 (0)10 7623 630
Loma-Koli Slopes, Häkinniementie 14, 83960 Koli, tel. +358 (0)10 7623 631

Ski school: booking and information:
Ukko-Koli Slopes, tel.: +358 10 762 3630
Loma-Koli Slopes, tel.: +358 10 762 3631
Director of the ski school: Vesa Turkia, tel. +358 50 439 1213 (in the evening), hiihtokoulu.koli@gmail.com

There is the longest a lighted trail in Koli

There are 60 kilometres of ski trails at Koli. From the Kopravaara Future Freetime Centre there is a lighted 25-kilometre trail to Loma-Koli. And shorter trails almost without number

Within the National Park the 3- and 7-km loop trails traverse the hills. The 3-km trail is fairly easy, but the 7-km is more demanding. Later in the winter season the alternatives increase as new trails are opened in preparation for the two major mass ski events of the year, Maisemahiihto and Ahmanhiihto. Lake Pielinen provides a more level terrain for skiing. The maintained ski tracks on the frozen lake are especially enjoyable on sunny spring days.
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