Summer and winter fishing for bait in Finland is not licensed and permitted everywhere except of water rapids, which pegged the population of salmon and whitefish, as well as in areas where fishing is prohibited. Typically, you can fish also in national parks, but to this rule there are exceptions.
Other types of fishing gear, such trammel net and catch crabs, require the payment of state duty for the restoration of fish resources and fishing licenses (except for those under 18 and over 65 years, catching one tackle).

Fishing licenses can be purchased at a local grocery store Sale at the Koli Centre.

At the end of the summer in the daytime walleye jigging well caught at a depth of 4-10 m in the middle of the wide open waters of Lake Pielinen with places for catching whitefish can be trolling (track) to catch landlocked salmon and trout. Different types of carp are well represented in the lake Pielinen, float fishing enthusiasts will find their interest in the bays and around islands. Ice-fishing and fly fishing off the coast of the islands can bring you a present whitefish weighing more than one kilogram. Perch fishing trophy too frequent, and because of the large stocks of whitefish your prey can become a huge bass even at the small Koirilampi lake nearby the OtsoPirtti cottages.

Fishing Tours:
Trips available 1.6.-31.8.2013
3 hours: 250 €, +100€ per each additional hour;
8 hours: 750 €
Picnic: 50 € / trip; Picnic + sausages on the fire: 80 € / trip
Fishing Licenses: 10 € / person.
Orders for further information and questions:
Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd
tel. +358 40 487 4897; (in English)
Old School Trolling, Jari Käyhkö
tel. +358 400 523 819; (in English)

4-hour rafting package: 105 € - in a double room / person / night
- Descent of the river and the rapids Lieksanjoki Ruunaa (north of Coley) on a wooden boat or rubber raft under the direction of conductor
- Tasty meal in Karelian on the shore;
- Accommodation in hotel / 1 night
Orders for further information and questions (in English):
Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd
tel. +358 40 487 4897;
Old School Trolling, Jari Käyhkö
tel. +358 400 523 819;

Also: KoliActivOy
Mika Okkonen
Jerontie 2, 83960 KOLI |
Please, order in advince: +358400857557

As well the fishing equipment can be rented at Korpisoturi Oy, Hiekkaniementie 12, 83960 Koli (Merilänranta)
p. +358(0) 452 709 100, Korpisoturi Oy ,

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