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Northern Lights

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis - are an unpredictable, natural event, which occurs all year round. Because you need nightfall to spot them, the Northern lights begin to appear around the end of August, when the nights get darker. You can see them as late as at the end of April. During the darkest winter months, we have often seen the Aurora lights as early as 17.00. From our experience, the Northern Lights display seems to be at its best between 20.00-1.00. Obviously in April, when the days are already fairly long, you can see the Northern Lights at their best only later at night.

The Aurora lights never look the same and the intensity of their display varies not just from night to night but also throughout the night. They can last for just a few minutes or for several hours. At their best, the Northern Lights shine a dazzling display of intense green, blue, red and violet colours.

To be able to see/photograph the Aurora Borealis, the sky needs to be clear and you need to be away from artificial lights (street and building lights) disturbing the view.
The determining factors of this amazing phenomenon are the geomagnetic and the solar activities. The Auroras become brighter and more distinctive after intense sunspot activities. The solar activity occurs on a 22-year cycle (it increases for 11 years and decreases during another 11 years).

Already in September this year in Levi, we have witnessed this awe-inspiring phenomenon of breath-taking beauty almost every clear night, a promise to another amazing winter display?
In the old times, people in Finland believed that a giant fox in the sky created the Northern Lights by moving its tail. This is why in Finnish the Northern Lights are called “Revontulet”, i.e. foxfires.

There can be no doubt that the Northern Lights are one of the key reasons for visiting Lapland. People come to Levi from all over the world hoping to catch a glimpse of them. But how do you know when the Northern Lights will regale the skies? What if the right moment goes by unnoticed?
For Northern Lights alerts, see the frontpage of the Levi website.
You can buy the Levi Northern Lights mobile app for € 4.90 from App Store and Google Play Store.
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