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Ukko-Koli national park

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Ukko Koli national Park
The National Park attracts over 100 000 visitors each year.
The Ukko Heritage Centre includes a tourist info point, Vakka Nature Shop, and the Koli Heritage Exhibition with displays of local geology, nature, culture. There are also 8-10 changing exhibitions (art, architecture) annually.
The Heritage Centre also provides a small library, internet access, cloakroom and toilet facilities. You can buy the Ukko Pass (adults 5€, children 6-16 years/2€; family pass/12€; groups of 10 or more/4€/person) to see the exhibitions plus multimedia shows in the auditorium and media studio.

The National Park is always open! It inspires, and it offers experiences and opportunities to pursue a wide range of interests.
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The summer and winter routes take the wanderer from the Koli national landscape to the fells, open fields, forests, and beaches. If you’re into hiking and don’t get your fill of North Karelian scenery from a day excursion, then the Lake Herajärvi Trail is your likely choice. For canoeing and boating, the waters of Lake Pielinen are easily accessible from Koli Harbour. There are also other pursuits, such as geocaching, that can bring you to close contact with nature. Get enchanted with nature at the treasury of the Koli National Park, its old forests, groves, and cultural milieux.
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We would recommend the best Point of view: the  RasavaaranTornia: GPS coordinates: 63°07'44"N 29°43'42"E

Ukko-Koli's Scenic Lift is open everyday from 4.6.-21.8. from 10am-2pm and from 2.30pm-5.30pm. The scenic lift offers you beautiful views on lake Pielinen. The lift's starting point is either from Break Sokos Hotel Koli's station on top of Ukko-Koli or from the bottom of the slopes, near Rinnetupa. Tickets for the lift can be bought from the top of Ukko-Koli from the summer kiosk or from Rinnetupa. On Rinnetupa's barbeque evening every Wednesday and Saturday the lift operates until 9pm. The lift is open with a weather reservation.

At the Visitor Centre Ukko you can experience Koli in all kinds of weather, and you can also get further information and personal guidance on the Koli National Park.

Additional information is by phone: 013-6888400 or at the web site: http://www.koli.fi/en/Places-to-visit/Koli-national-park


to protect the Koli national landscape, wildlife on the fells, the slash-and-burn tradition, and the cultural milieux

about 3000 hectares

Highest point:
Top of Ukko-Koli, 347 metres above sea level

Hiking routes:

about 80 kilometres, 4 nature trails, the Lake Herajärvi Trail

Camp-fire spots:


Places to camp out:

Tourist Islands:

Islands open for picnicking:

Number of visitors: over 130 000 people a year, June and July being the busiest months
Customer service: Visitor Centre Ukko, Ylä-Kolintie 39, 83960 Koli

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